Wild Coyote Bites Two Women

Officials said that a coyote bit two women in Montgomery County on Thursday before officers found and killed it.

Montgomery County Office of Animal Services (OAS) said that the first coyote attack happened near Patuxent Drive and Lost Creek Drive in Ashton. The second one happened near Bell Road in Burtonsville.

The Montgomery County Department of Police reported Thursday that both of the women were walking a dog when the attacks happened.

OAS said that the coyote bit one of the women in the arms and legs. The second woman, who also was bitten, fought off the coyote and injured it. The bites were not life-threatening.

Officials submitted specimens from the coyote to be tested for rabies. OAS said that coyote attacks that involve a person are not common and “usually caused by an animal who has become used to human interaction or may be ill.”

OAS reminded pet owners to keep their pets safe by making sure they are up to date on rabies vaccinations, keeping dogs on leashes and supervised and keeping other pets inside.

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