“Sex Change Surgery on Minors is Like Treating Diabetes”

Dr. Angela Goepferd, director of Children’s Minnesota’s sex change clinic, claims that gender-affirming care is just as important as treating asthma or diabetes in children, drawing criticism from some.

Children’s Minnesota offers hormones to kids as young as 14 and will provide puberty blockers at Tanner Stage 2 of sexual development.

Researchers at a Swedish medical school concluded that using puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria is “experimental” and could lead to bone mineral loss.

Long-term effects on body systems in children with gender dysphoria are unknown.

Dr. Goepferd uses a gender identity-gingerbread person to illustrate gender and sexuality concepts to children.

She believes that children deserve specialized healthcare regardless of their medical conditions.

Dr. Goepferd hopes that evolving conversations about gender and sexuality will provide children with more options and support to express themselves authentically.

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