Mom Warns of Vaping Dangers After teen Stepson’s Sudden Death: ‘We had no clue’

A North Carolina woman is sounding the alarm about the potential dangers of vaping after her 15-year-old stepson’s unexpected death. 

Solomon Wynn’s family took him off a ventilator in mid-June, just months after the teenage football player developed a bad cough.

“We went to the primary care doctor because he had a bad cough. They diagnosed him with what they thought was bronchitis,” his stepmother, Charlene Zorn of Wilmington, told Fox News Digital in an interview. 

Doctors prescribed Solomon antibiotics, steroids and inhalers, but nothing seemed to help improve his condition, so they referred him to a pulmonologist.

“By looking at the test X-rays, she knew,” Zorn said. 

“As parents, we had no clue. We had no indication that he had been vaping. Neither his father nor myself smoke, so there were no products in our house that he could get. It wasn’t that it was something accessible to him. It was something he got through his friends.”

But once the cough began, Solomon’s strength gradually declined to the point he couldn’t walk for five minutes, Zorn said. 

He collapsed on June 16 and died the next day, shocking his family, friends and football team at school. Zorn implored Solomon’s teammates at his funeral to give up vaping.

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