Groundskeeper Mowed Around Dead Body, Thought It Was A Dummy

On Oct. 10, 34-year-old Robert Owens’ nearly naked body was found lying face down on the lawn of a China Grove, North Carolina home.

He had last been by family two days earlier, on Oct. 8, and in that time, seemingly no one noticed his body — including a groundskeeper who mowed around it, reportedly thinking it was a training dummy for police exercises.

Owens’ sister said that no member of the family has seen his body since it was discovered.

Owens’ body was found wearing little clothing, and it appeared he had not been shot. In fact, police don’t suspect foul play at all, although the investigation is still ongoing.

It wasn’t until Oct. 10, the day after the groundskeeper mowed around Owens’ body, that a construction worker discovered the dead man.

The family said the construction worker said he found Owens “facedown in his underwear and socks with one arm under him, one arm out.”

Owens also had “marks on his arms,” which the construction worker believed to be “defensive marks.”

Despite police not suspecting foul play, Owens’ family hasn’t ruled the possibility out.

An autopsy conducted on Owens’ body did not indicate that he had been assaulted or that his body had suffered any trauma.

Police are still awaiting the results of a toxicology report to determine Owens’ actual cause of death. Meanwhile, his family is struggling to come to terms with the sudden loss.

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