Woman Lives 5 Days Under Earthquake Rubble

A woman in her 90s was pulled alive from a collapsed house in western Japan late Saturday, 124 hours after a major quake slammed the region, killing at least 126 people, toppling buildings, and setting off landslides.

The woman in Suzu city, Ishikawa Prefecture, had survived for more than five days after the 7.6 magnitude quake that hit the area Monday. News footage showed helmeted rescue workers covering the view of the area with blue plastic, the AP reports, and the woman was not visible. Chances for survival diminish after the first 72 hours. Several other dramatic rescues have been reported over the past few days as soldiers, firefighters, and others joined a widespread effort.

More than 200 people were still unaccounted for, though the number has fluctuated, per the AP. Eleven people were reported trapped under two homes that collapsed in Anamizu. For Shiro Kokuda, 76, the house in Wajima where he grew up was spared, but a nearby temple went up in flames. He was still looking for his friends at evacuation centers.

“It’s been really tough,” he said. Along Japan’s coastline, power was gradually being restored, but water supplies were still short. Emergency water systems were also damaged.

Thousands of troops were flying and trucking in water, food, and medicine to the more than 30,000 people who had evacuated to auditoriums, schools, and other facilities.

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