Star Wars Script Harrison Ford Left in Apartment Sells for $13.5K

While in London in 1976, filming the first Star Wars movie ever made, Harrison Ford rented a flat near the studio—and when he moved out, he left behind an incomplete copy of the script that has now sold at auction for more than $13,500.

Its pre-sale auction low estimate was just over $10,000. The unbound fourth draft of the script for what would become Episode IV: A New Hope includes the original title, “The Adventures of Luke Starkiller,” reports the BBC, which has a photo.

It also includes characters and scenes that were ultimately cut from the film. It was purchased by a private collector in Austria, the Guardian reports.

The owners of the Notting Hill home say Ford, who rented out the top two floors, was “an excellent tenant, very tidy,” and that he purchased plants for their garden and even attended a first birthday party for their son.

He also left behind some other personal items that were auctioned off, including a Star Wars shooting schedule with a handwritten note on it that sold for more than $6,000, and a letter from Ford’s agent, in which she chides him for not contacting his then-wife.

That sold for about $223.

“This sale saw a new record set for a [Star Wars] script, which shows how a personal link to the items is so enticing to Star Wars fans,” an auctioneer from Excalibur Auctions says.

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