Teen Overdosed on Benadryl in Deadly TikTok Challenge

TikTok challenges have been a ‘thing’ since Americans were introduced to the addictive social media app, but some challenges haven’t been healthy and even caused deaths in some cases.

The TikTok stunt which 13-year-old victim Jacob Stevens was partaking in was the “Benadryl Challenge,” which originally premiered back in 2020.

The challenge participants are asked to take 12 to 14 tablets of the antihistamine, Benadryl, to induce hallucinations.

The recommended dose for Benadryl is between 1 to 2 tablets, so this particular challenge was extremely dangerous .

Unfortunately, Jacob’s body could not handle the Benadryl dose that he took and was rushed to the hospital.

Participating in what he thought was an exciting challenge to video and post on social media for likes and comments, costed him his young life.

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