Wendy’s to Use AI Chatbot to Take Orders

Wendy’s is set to introduce an AI chatbot called FreshAI at one of its locations in Columbus, Ohio, using generative AI technology from Google Cloud.

The chatbot will have conversations with customers and understand their made-to-order requests, generating responses to frequently asked questions.

The company said it will take the data it gathers from the pilot and use it to inform future expansion plans.

At least three-quarters of Wendy’s customers place their orders through the drive-thru, according to the release.

The move marks an expansion of the partnership Wendy’s already has with Google Cloud, which began in 2021.

CKE Restaurant Holdings, which owns Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, has also partnered with Valyant AI, OpenCity, and Presto Automation to integrate AI into its brands’ drive-thru ordering.

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