British Man Detained After Climbing 72nd Floor of Seoul Skyscraper

A British man was detained after climbing more than half way up the world’s fifth-tallest skyscraper in Seoul with only his bare hands, authorities said.

More than 90 emergency, police and other personnel were dispatched to the 123-story, 555-meter (1,820-foot) -tall Lotte World Tower, after the man was spotted scaling the building on Monday morning, the Seoul fire agency said in a statement.

The man, in his 20s, reached the 72nd floor, which is about 310 meters (1,020 feet) high, before officials took him to a gondola lift and moved him inside the building, the statement said.

South Korean media identified the man as free climber George King-Thompson. The reports said he was carrying a parachute and told police that he wanted to BASE-jump from the top of the building.

In 2021, he climbed the 36-story Stratosphere Tower, a residential block in east London’s Stratford neighborhood and reached the top in less than half an hour.

The Lotte Property & Development, which operates the tower, said the man didn’t suffer any major injuries.

The fire agency statement said he suffered a cut on his skin on the right knee.

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