Woman Falls Off Cliff After Proposal

A newly engaged woman slipped and plunged to death off a cliff in Turkey moments after her future husband popped the question.

The tragedy unfolded in Turkey several weeks ago and led to the death of Yesim Demir.

Yesim Demir was on holiday with her boyfriend Nizamettin Gursu at Polente Cape in Canakkale, a city in north-western Turkey in the Marmara region, when the tragic accident happened.

He had just proposed to her, and afterward, they went up to the cliff to celebrate with a picnic while watching the sunset.

Gursu then reportedly left to get the picnic supplies from the car but said he suddenly heard a scream.

He rushed back, only to find that his new fiancée had tumbled off the cliff.

She fell 104ft and reportedly survived the plunge on the evening of July 6.

However, she died of her injuries shortly after, despite medics – who her fiance had called – attempting to resuscitate her for 45 minutes.

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