CVS Removes Decongestants From Shelves Because It’s “Ineffective”


CVS Health is planning to remove one type of a common decongestant from shelves after an advisory committee to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it was ineffective earlier this year.

The products contain the oral formulation of phenylephrine (PE), which is found in several over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

Although PE has been used as a decongestant for nearly a century, experts have been questioning its efficacy for years.

The FDA Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee unanimously voted in September that PE did not improve nasal congestion any more than a placebo at the dosage given for OTC use.

In response, CVS said it is removing products, in which PE is the only active ingredient, from store shelves. This means products like Dayquil, which uses a combination of active ingredients, will remain available for purchase.

“We are removing certain oral cough and cold products that contain phenylephrine as the only active ingredient from CVS Pharmacy stores. Other oral cough and cold products will continue to be offered to meet consumer needs.”

CVS did not give specifies on brands that will be removed.

It’s unclear if other major retail pharmacy chains will follow in CVS’s footsteps.

Other major pharmacy chains including Albertsons, Costco and Kroger did immediately reply to ABC News’ request for comment. Walmart did not have an answer immediately available.

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