Life in Chicago is So Poor Illegal Immigrants Are Running Back to Their Home Countries

While the United States deals with a crisis at its southern border, illegal immigrants who made their way to Chicago are now turning around and going back to their country of origin because the city is unable to deal with the influx of people.

According to the Daily Mail, there have been over 20,700 immigrants who settled in Chicago after being sent there by Texas Governor Greg Abbott due to its “sanctuary city” policy that will protect those here illegally from deportation.

Like many Democrat-ran cities that hold sanctuary policies, Chicago has struggled to provide housing for everyone arriving, causing the city to use police stations and a section of Chicago O’Hare airport as shelter.

Michael Castejon, 39, an immigrant who came here with his family told the Chicago Tribune that because he was unable to afford rent and unable to get his work permit he was taking his family back to Venezuela.

“The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore. There’s nothing here for us,” he said. “How many more months of living in the streets will it take? No, no more. It’s better that I leave. At least I have my mother back home.”

“We just want to be home. If we’re going to be sleeping in the streets here, we’d rather be sleeping in the streets over there,” Castejon added.

The report notes that at one station over 40 people have left to either move home or to a different city within the US. One woman, Diana Vera, who was living on the floor of a police station for a month with her three children decided to take them on a bus to Detroit.

“We heard that there are a lot of jobs over there even if you don’t have a permit,” she told the outlet.

Residents of Chicago have started to speak out against the city’s sanctuary city policy. In September, residents of the Hyde Park community demanded that the migrants be told to go “back to Venezuela” and not allow them to reside there.

In June, residents expressed their frustration about a $51 million spending plan to aid illegal immigrants, with many pointing out how the influx of migrants negatively impacted their communities.

In May, the city ran out of hotels and shelters and began to scramble to find places to house illegal immigrants.

Other cities around the country have also expressed concern over their ability to sustain the influx of people. New York City even began to distribute flyers at the border telling immigrants to go elsewhere because they wouldn’t be able to afford to stay.

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