Fentanyl-laced Vape Tragically Alters Bullied Teen’s Life Forever

A teenage boy’s life has been drastically changed forever after being bullied by his cruel “friends,” into doing something he didn’t want to do.

Lynda Amos, a resident of Dalton, claimed that her son Zach Corona, 13, who was a straight-A student, suffered brain damage after being coerced by school bullies into smoking a vape that was laced with a substance.

Zach Corona was in a coma for nearly three weeks, and doctors thought he would never come out of it.

“[Doctors] told me that he would never be the same boy that he was. He was a straight-A student,” Amos told Kennedy News.

Corona has experienced seizures, lost sight in his right eye and lost function in his left arm due to damage to the right side of his brain. 

The 13-year-old boy is also seeing a psychiatrist and a counselor.

“The psychiatrist even said to him, ‘You know they were never your friends to begin with. Your friends would never do anything to try and hurt you and kill you,’” Amos shared.

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