Here’s How Often to Replace Your Underwear

It’s good to know just how long a person should keep their underwear. So just how long is “too long” to keep your underwear?

The frequency at which you should replace your underwear depends on several factors, including the type of underwear, how often you wear it, and your personal hygiene habits.

Here are some general guidelines:

Cotton underwear: Cotton is a breathable, absorbent fabric commonly used in underwear. Cotton underwear can last up to a year if washed and cared for properly.

It’s recommended to replace your underwear every six months for optimal hygiene.

Synthetic underwear: Synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and spandex are often used in sports and athletic underwear. These materials can wick away moisture and keep you dry, but they don’t breathe as well as cotton.

Synthetic underwear should be replaced every six months.

Bras: Bras can last up to a year or more if properly cared for, however, if the straps or underwire are digging into your skin or the cups have lost shape, it’s time to replace them.

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