Woman Kills Lifelong Friend After Arriving at Baby Shower Uninvited


A Michigan woman accused of fatally shooting her lifelong friend after arriving at a baby shower uninvited was later followed by the victim’s son to a police station, where he ran her over with his car, authorities said.

The woman had accused Williams’ son of a crime and the pair argued, according to Detroit Police Department. Williams reportedly hit her friend, while another spat on her. It was then that the suspect pulled out a gun and fired the fatal shot.

“She’s a friend of the family. They’d been friends since they was kids,” Williams’ niece Shavonda Carter told WXYZ. “I don’t understand why would she even pull a gun out.”

Williams’ son followed the woman and ran her down when she got out of her car, leaving her needing hospital treatment.

Both the son and suspect were arrested, police said. The suspect remained in hospital as of Monday.

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