Nurse Gains Controversy Over Two Showers A Week

After sharing her hygiene habits on TikTok, Alison McCarthy, a 27-year-old healthcare worker from Boston, gained widespread attention on the internet. She stated that she only showers “once or twice a week” and clarified that it was because she didn’t want to wet her hair. Despite receiving critical comments, Alison mentioned that she received private messages from individuals who also don’t shower daily.

In her video, Alison shared that she “recently found out that I’m a gross human being.” She elaborated, “most girls, when they say that they wash their hair twice a week, they wash their hair – and they shower every day.”

Alison then shocked the viewers by admitting:

I only shower, like, once or twice a week.”

Continuing, she shocked her followers by saying: “I’ve gone five days without showering.”

She added: “If I’m getting in the shower, I’m going to wash my hair. Why would I get in the shower and not wash my hair? But I don’t want to wash my hair every day. So, I’ve had to start saying that I ‘wash my hair’ twice a week (I only shower twice a week).”

A commenter mentioned that Alison works as a nurse and stated, “She has no valid reason for not showering, given her skincare and gym routines.”

Some individuals found her comment about showering being tiring amusing. One person even stated that showering takes less than five minutes without washing hair.

A suggestion was made that could potentially change Alison’s hygiene routine.

As her video went viral, she had to defend her choices by saying:

“Everyone’s body is different too. I know some people who never have to wear deodorant and don’t smell. I didn’t realize so many people would have such a strong opinion about it.”

Alison expressed her desire for people to display more empathy towards others. She further elaborated that there are several factors that contribute to why individuals have varying hygiene practices.

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