Kids Suffer Burns on Playground Slide Doused with Pool Acid

Two children — including a 1-year-old — suffered “burn-like injuries” on a playground slide in western Massachusetts, according to authorities.

A Massachusetts mother reported “burn-like injuries” on her children after going down the slide, according to a statement from the Longmeadow Fire Department.

Police and firefighters were dispatched to Bliss Park Playground early Sunday morning.

The initial investigation determined that someone broke into the pump room in the basement of the park pool where the chemicals used to operate the pool are stored.

Someone stole muriatic acid, which was then poured on three slides at the park.

Muriatic acid, a diluted solution of hydrochloric acid, is a pool cleaner that can cause burns with prolonged exposure.

The mother of the two children, Ashley Thielen, said she thought the liquid collected at the bottom of the slide was rain water.

The playground area will remain fenced off.

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