Student Dies, Falls 90 Feet While Mountain Climbing

A student attending the University of Georgia fell 90 feet to her death last week on her second climb at the Cherokee Rock Village in Alabama.

Yutong “Faye” Zhang, 18, died Saturday from falling 90 feet while climbing in the Cherokee Rock Village around noon.

According to Climbing magazine, the fall is a popular climbing route at Cherokee Rock Village with a steep overhang.

People with her at the climb believe the rope was in a position so that it came unclipped when it had tension from her weight.

Zhang was also a part of Active Climbing, an indoor rock climbing gym near UGA, says WSB. Her father, Pingchuan Zhang, explained that this was only Zhang’s second time climbing outside.

Cherokee County is a top rock climbing destination with large rocks and a mountainous terrain for climbers to enjoy.

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